Smile, California

As a Medi‑Cal member, your benefits and your child’s benefits include dental coverage at little or no cost to you.

To learn about the dental benefits available to you and your family, select from the options below.

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  • Babies

    Caring for your baby’s smile begins the moment they are born.
    Covered Services
  • Kids

    Regular check‑ups help your child establish a lifetime of healthy oral habits.
    Covered Services
  • Teens

    Teenagers who take care of their mouth are more likely to enjoy healthy gums and teeth as an adult.
    Covered Services
  • Pregnancy

    When you are pregnant, your oral health is a big part of making sure your baby is healthy.
    Covered Services
  • Adults

    Regular dental care for adults helps prevent serious and costly health conditions.
    Covered Services
  • Seniors

    No matter your age, you can keep your mouth healthy, strong and pain‑free.
    Covered Services


Click on the videos below to learn what Medi‑Cal dental services you and your family are covered for and about the importance of molar sealants.